Bloc Party, WTF!?

Everyone's heard this now, right? Everyone puked up their breakfast/lunch/dinner, right?
What the hell is Bloc Party doing!? What's this new single, "Flux"? What's wrong with the Bloc rockers? Oh right, apparently this is a demo that they made for Kylie Minogue when she wanted to break into the hardcore European techno scene (you know, where the parties go for one night, and then another night, like in Berlin).

Ohh, the lights, all around me ... ohhh, I feel so sweaty, oh man, I feel so on top of the world! Yes yes yes! Let's dance this night away! Please, more tainted or spiked drinks! Ahhhhhh!

Bloc Party - Flux


Anonymous said…
wait, you DON'T like it?
um, sorry...but bloc party´s new single is ace. really luv it.

and it´s no secret that they are into this kind of music since a long time. these guys also remix other acts, and doing massive dj sets. friends with crystal castles etc.

so no, it wasn`t a surprise for me that they are doing it that way.

hope they do more stuff like this.
Anonymous said…
I can't work out if you like it or not too.

I think it is ace! It has been already been on heavy rotation on iTunes while I have been trying to apply for a job today
Nicholas Mercer said…
noooooo! this song's bad! sorry! i do not like it! yeah, i know they do dj stuff, yeah, i know they like this music -- whatever. the song blows. sorry.
Capell said…
This song is the business.
Anonymous said…
I am really liking this new one. I hope their next album is more like this as well.
Anonymous said…
sorry, this song is tight as hell. they've alway been interested in the dance scene. just look at their remix album. it features some of the best dance floor killers out there.