One thousand posts! I've written a thousand posts! It's been well over three years now, and BIBABIDI is still going strong. Certainly, the blog's changed since it debuted as more of a diary than a music journal, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Yes, I love this blog.

Thank you all for reading, fostering the "fan base," listening to my rants, commenting, downloading, spreading the word, all that fun stuff. I can't believe I've reached post 1000, especially considering the numerous times I've wanted to just quit it all. In all sincerity and honesty, it was all of you -- from those who left comments to those who introduced me to some great groups to those who sent me the closest thing to fan mail I'll ever receive -- that kept BIBABIDI alive.

Thank you.

Enjoy the next one thousand posts.


Mr Rossy said…
Wow Wee, nice look, congradulations on your 1000 posts, your blog is easily the best on the web for new and exciting music !!! If i ever meet ya i'll be sure to buy ya a beer, let me know if you are ever in London town !!!

Rockin !!!
Anonymous said…
We'll be here for the 2000th Post!
Keep up the good work!
The portuguese lads!!!
Anonymous said…
yes, i agree, you're on the top of my favourit blogsites. you're doing a great job and the blog is simply beautiful!
Anonymous said…

loving the blog!