M.I.A. B-Sides

These are too good.
I don't know why the Japanese always get the bonus tracks. Sure, they pay more for their CDs (and apparently buy them still?), but still ... pretty much every foreign release over there gets extra tracks. Great, we get a couple extra crap remixes on the new Athlete album or something.

Today I learned of a few M.I.A. b-sides, at least one of which has been released as a bonus for the Japanese market. Cool. "What I Got" was produced by Blaqstarr and it rocks. M.I.A. doing straight-up old skool rap. This sounds like Cool J circa '88. "Far Far" is plenty tribal and awesome. It's totally a club track. It deserves many, many remixes. It was co-produced by Switch. Figures. "Big Branch" is like "Bird Flu" part two or something. Spastic, maybe a little too much? Lay off the acid, M.I.A. ...

M.I.A. - Far Far

M.I.A. - Big Branch

M.I.A. - What I Got


Anonymous said…
this chick is was too bad ass...