The Broken Hearts

The Broken Hearts are Amber and Nisha, two London burlesque-clad DJs who draw from the "iconography of Weimar Berlin, circus sideshows, and the Golden Age of Hollywood." Quite a mix, eh?

The gals have been all over the globe, are known for impeccably quirky, off-kilter, and sexy style, and apparently really solid sets. These two won't let you stand still. Now they're prepping the release of their stellar debut single for "Black Cat" on Mute Irregulars. It rocks. Realy hard. Equal parts garage, old time-y swing, and simply catchy, hooky pop, the Broken Hearts will start the party going but in the most unorthodox and unique way imaginable today. No more neon, no more disco balls, no more bright lights and overall gaudiness. No, Amber and Nisha have a sophisticated taste that's more reminiscent of a twisted flapper girl from the 20s than a 21st century jet-setter.

"Black Cat" was cut with Whitey, I think, and it's this great jazzy sort of swing tune that has been on repeat for the past ... three hours and forty minutes on my computer. "Blanco" reminds me of the hit song that the Waitresses should've made after "I Know What Boys Like" topped charts.

Sorry -- only streaming for now ...

"Black Cat"



Anonymous said…
Fantastic ladies, beautifully different, lacking thank god any sickly 'spice'!.