Metronomy Drops "Radio Ladio" Single

Metronomy blew us away with the debut LP a few years back, finally made the leap across the pond that is the Atlantic for a few East Coast N. American shows, helped with production and all for Kate Nash, just released a new single, "Radio Ladio," and probably has a tremendous amount of more cool stuff to come!

"Radio Ladio" is one of my favorite tracks the quasi-solo outfit's put out yet. It's got the usual amount of hokey glitchy-ness and off-kilter beats, but the song's got a heavier bass that gives ya the chills when it drops, and the vocals have gotten more solid. Metronomy could be the LCD Soundsystem for Casio/Korg lovers all over ... still plenty lo-fi for those of you who are Metronomy traditionalists, but with more funk, more beat, more hooks, more all of that stuff that makes a good pop song than ever before. I present to you ... Metronomy's "Radio Ladio."

Metronomy - Radio Ladio