Pacific! Give the Concretes' "Keep Yours" the Remix Treatment

the concretes get remixed
And it's a killer, killer remix.
No offense, but ever since the Stockholm fifty-piece (don't they literally have like, fifty members?) lost it's M.V.P., Bergsman, they've been shuffling around looking for (a) a solid singer and (b) a solid sound that's different than their previous one but not so distant as to alienate old listeners.

And in all honesty, they've not done the best job. Hey Trouble fell flat for me ... it was lackluster attempt at finding a new sound, one that revolved around girl-group rockabilly and sugary harmonies. In order to make up for the major deduction of Bergsman, they drove themselves to gluttonous poppy excess. Which is, to say the least, a little strange for a Swedish pop outfit, but hey -- who can blame them.

Anyway, anyway ... Pacific! -- a duo from Stockholm's rival for Swedish pop culture dominance, Gothenburg -- remixed "Keep Yours," one of the better tunes from Hey Trouble, and made it better than the original.

The remixed version is all chopped up and completely re-edited. The bass line and goofy backing vocal harmonies sound like 80s high school prom music melded, oh so seamlessly, with an old fashioned rocky, dance-y vibe. Like everyone should be doing the Twist or something.

the Concretes - Keep Yours (Pacific! Remix)

the Concretes - Keep Yours


The Lemur said…
Gotta LOOOVE Pacific! Hope you haven't missed the incredible song and video Hot Lips? Otherwise

I liked the remix, too bad it wasn't in better quality. Thanks anyway, cheers!