Calvin Harris Interview

I sat down with Calvin Harris a little while back to hold a pre-concert interview with him. (I wrote the concert itself up here.)

While I'm not going to host the interview here as I did it as an Anthem editor, head over here to check it out! Here's one of my favorite lines:
Anthem: So you've no like, Brian Eno, hyper-conceptual approach ...
Calvin Harris: Well no ... the whole thing about Brian Eno ... that's just a big pile of shit, isn't it? He basically goes through exactly the same processes as everyone else, but he likes to carry on about how there's a deeper element to it all ... the aura of it all. But I mean, a lot of producers do that, too ... they make up a whole lot of shit, but really aren't doing anything different, you know?


Great interview.
Although you can't really go wrong with Calvin Harris.