New Annuals

North Carolina'sAnnuals (MySpace) is on a rather massive tour right now with Ace Fu labelmates Manchester Orchestra (MySpace) that's taken the two Southern bands all about Europe. Now they're finally coming back to the States, and with a special limited-edition split 7" no less!

The single features an Annuals cover of Manchester Orchestra's "Where Have You Been?" and a Manchester Orchestra cover of Annual's "Brother." Cool idea, huh?

"Where Have You Been?" is like Annuals covering Thom Yorke or something. Robotic and nude with sparks of organic clarity and heart-wrenching harmonies, serene, swooning melodies, and bombastic drumming. The cover of "Brother" ain't all bad, either ... lower fidelity than the original, a little more country, maybe, a little more road-trip-ish (if that makes any sense).

Anyway, grab the Annuals track below and catch these folks on tour! They'll be all around for the end of October and all of November!

Annuals - Where Have You Been? (Manchester Orchestra Cover)