Yip-Yip Returns

Orlando, Florida never seemed like a burgeoning music capital to me, but maybe that's what's happening as of late. Yip-Yip (MySpace), one such Disneyland duo, is back with their fourth album, Two Kings of the Same Kingdom, and it's sort of what you'd expect, sort of a surprise for the quirky, noise-pop/happy hardcore (I cringe writing those words) pair.

The band has been around since 2002, just cranking out bizarre track after track. It's like listening to Oingo Boing on major amphetamines or getting down to Wall of Voodoo, were they to one day merge with the acid-tripping older self of Wayne Coyne. But maybe not so artsy ...

Regardless, the tunes are fun and spastic: the perfect dance fodder for keeping warm in these dank clubs as we move into fall. Speaking of tours ... they're doing some major touring with HEALTH (my favorite!) and AIDS Wolf, so if you've the chance to catch a show, know that you'll be in for quite a treat! If you're not convinced of their high-energy, completely unrepressed live shows/general live presence, check out some videos over at their YouTube page.

Yip-Yip - Sprinkle Council

Yip-Yip - Gender Changes