Devendra Banhart @ the Orpheum, 10.13.07

Please let last night's show be one of those concerts that history will never forget; one of those events that history will revere and hold sacred: "Devendra at the Orpheum." I like the ring, and boy was it a fantastic concert.

Just walking into the Orpheum theatre was mind-boggling ... the serenity and peace and calm of the place with Devendra and his crew up on stage was jarring: an incredibly powerful contrast between the dazed, awed audience and Banhart and band-as-troubadours, projecting to the masses.

The backdrop was this wonderfully ornate line drawing that looked sort of like a Henna tattoo ... it shimmered and glistened in the light and so perfectly complimented the relaxed atmosphere. It was amazing, hearing the band's sound expand to all the walls of the cavernous Orpheum, either as tiny solo guitar riffs or prog-ish ensemble jams.

I loved how Devendra introduced himself and the band ... "we're now traveling as the Spiritual Boner with a thousands Z's that drift away to infinity ... " Quite a name, and apparently the fifth or sixth so far on their trek across the States.
The concert culminated with Devendra inviting "everyone" up on stage. For about five minutes, this request went unchallenged, the crowd immensely enjoyed the new dynamic, and everyone seemed content to get down to Banhart's breed of dance music. Then security stepped in and had a bit of a fight with the group, claiming that the stage would most likely "cave in" and that, at the least, all hundred or so patrons that came up on it were fire hazards!

Eventually Banhart and the security jerks were able to ward off the high/energetic audience members, but only with a few compromises ("instead of clearing everyone back to the seats, could we make a compromise and maybe just ask them to get to the sides, please?").

Absolutely an amazing night. An amazing show. Devendra Banhart and whoever he may be traveling with has earned the right to be hailed forever and ever in music history. Check out a few live songs below and photos from the night here or after the jump!

Devendra Banhart & the Spiritual Bonerz - Lover (Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien, 9.26.07)

Devendra Banhart - The Body Breaks (Live)

Devendra Banhart - At the Hop (Live Take)


Anonymous said…
His show in Detroit was just as epic as your description here, if only the setting being smaller. The crowd had its share of people staring blankly at the stage for the full duration and even the token rude drunk guy, but the show itself was brilliant. Every song past the opening mellow set had an incredible intensity fueled by a perfect contribution from each member. Seahorse was so overwhelming that it even got some of the statuesque hipsters moving their feet. The encore of I Feel Like A Child had everyone the small stage could fit, followed by Devendra hopping down into the crowd to dance with everyone else. Definitely a night to remember.