Simian Mobile Disco/Boys Noize @ the ExPlx, 9.22.07

Photographs by Sam Kahn
This is a re-post of an article I wrote on Anthem Magazine's blog

Simian Mobile Disco certainly took their sweet time getting over to Los Angeles, but when they finally wound up on the West Coast, they treated us with too many shows, after-party DJ sets, and appearances to count.

It's refreshing today to see a DJ duo like SMD play. They've a reverence for the organic, analog-based music that we might be slowly losing touch with. When pop and dance music tend to be more and more about quick, sharp hooks, thick, sulty bass lines, and jerky beats, it's truly a pleasure to hear such weathered sonic technicians as James Ford and James Shaw work a crowd with something more like stunning showmanship rather than crammed-in high-tech clean production.

That being said, though, Boys Noize, SMD's touring buddy for part of the trek across the States, is an example of a modern and severely-hyped DJ who has embraced a unique style that still conforms to the current status quo. We've never seen such a charismatic, jumpy, and all-around in-to-his-thing DJ do a set. He was incredibly focused, impressively skilled at reading the audience's reactions, a bit of a tease, but not too much, and just a lot of fun to watch.

Unfortunately, SMD has returned to their home country for more shows. Check out some great shots photographer Sam Kahn took after the jump while you all eagerly await the pair's triumphant return.


winterwooskiee said…
New Young Pony Club on Tour!

10/18 @ Studio B (CMJ), NYC
10/19 @ Pure (Making Time Party), Philly
10/21 @ Mod Club, Toronto
10/22 @ Just for Laughs Museum, Montreal
10/24 @ Subterranean, Chicago
10/26 @ Hawthorne, Portland
10/27 @ Nectar, Seattle
10/29 @ Mezzanine, SF
10/30 @ The Echo, LA