Juiced Elfers

Holy Moley! How did this one pass under my radar!? Apparently Nick "Diamonds" Thorburn and Jamie "J'aime Tambour" Thompson (uh ... Islands ... uh ... the Unicorns) have re-united to form Juiced Elfers. Weird name, yes, but killer tunes.

I've only heard three live songs so far, one of which sounds like it was recorded with one of those "spy" pen microphones or something. The band just played at CMJ the other night, so that's how I got wind of this new side project. Wow wow wow. The group plays 60s rockabilly, dance-y tunes (i.e. the cover of the Troggs' "With A Girl Like You").

Okay, grab the below tracks ... I'll be listening to the complete Unicorns discography for the rest of the weekend. Expect no posts from me.

Juiced Elfs - With A Girl Like You (Live)

Juiced Elfs - Unknown Song (Live)

Juiced Elfs - Surfin' Bird (Live)


travis said…

i just saw them standing on a street corner in nyc and he had on those glasses and i was like... what band is that? but didn't hear them play. then i see the photo here. sometimes the world is very, very small.

excellent tracks btw.
Anonymous said…
Surfin bird is also a cover....and they didnt even finish it....
Is the 2nd one a cover too?
Any originality guys?

The Trashmen and the Cramps still own Surfin Bird