Old Time Relijun ... In Crisis!

old time relijun
Perhaps K Records' most bizarre and non-lo-fi aesthetic group, Old Time Relijun (MySpace) (a) just released a new album, Catharsis In Crisis on October 9 and (b) is touring with AIDS WOLF! Yes yes yes!

The Portland-based quartet wrote and recorded the LP at Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic Lab in Olympia and got Steve Fisk to help with the mixing. You can probably guess what the long-player sounds like, then. I like to think of these guys as the Sun-Ra of blues-infused experimental garage. An overbearing pile of sounds, from saxophone to heavy, warble-y bass lines, primitive drums, and a vocalist who allegedly swallows a handful of pebbles before singing.

Listen to a few songs below before making the purchase, though: these folks are dangerous!

Old Time Relijun - Daemon Meeting

Old Time Relijun - Indestructible Life

Old Time Relijun - Liberation