The Second Coming: the Virgins

I'm still patiently waiting for the Virgins (MySpace) to blow up, and with the couple of new tunes they've released, it's become more apparent to me that the day when they sweep America away is inevitable and growing nearer rapidly.

Maybe not "sweep America away," but at least rile up a Strokes-like fanaticism. I've complete and utter faith in these Brooklyn kids ... they're cool, utterly suave, reverent of old fashion rock, chalk-full of simple hooks and catchy bass lines, and, oh yeah, they've a sexy singer with absolutely nonchalant vocals to match. (They're all rather good looking, actually.) Make the connections yourselves ... these four will be big (or so I'd like to continue saying ... I've $5000 worth of bets on them).

Get down to these two new songs. You'll all be hearing "One Week of Danger" on a Target commercial within a half year.

the Virgins - One Week of Danger

the Virgins - Tequila Alley


Herr Schmitz said…

cheers from berlin, keep up the brilliant work,

Mr Rossy said…
Oh man, i fuckin love these guys, that song Rich Girls has the best bass line ever !!!

Great stuff