Cool Kids

I feel like Cool Kids have, in the blog world, gone from "wired" to "tired" to "expired" (to quote a certain magazine) already, but they're still plenty hip (or ... cool?) to me, and maybe some of you aren't super down to them yet, so let me pretend like I'm introducing them here ...

Cool Kids (Chuck Inglish and Mikey) hail from Detroit (Ingling) and a suburb of Chicago (Mikey), and boy can they rap it up (hey, I think that's a cute/funny way to put it). The duo sound like a rapper's wet dream: equal parts Kanye suaveness, Biggie's phat beats, heavy vocals, and simple, straightforward old skool beats reminiscent of the killer works of Erik B. & Rakim circa 1989. Really boss stuff. These guys are really cool in the truest form of the way ... they're all about tight, instantly contagious hook, catchy lyrics, and a playful yet I-don't-want-to-mess-with-them diction.

Great songs, too: "Gold & A Pager," "Flossin'," "Get Busy Sonn" ... you get the idea. Grab a few below and pretend like you heard it first from me.

Cool Kids - Get Busy Sonn

Cool Kids - A Little Bit Cooler

Cool Kids - 88