Written & Directed By Parker Lewis

Now we've all a bona fide taste of Sweden in our own backyard. About time.

Parker Lewis (blog) is a Swedish pop artist who has been traveling outside his home country for some time now, now holing up in New York City for a few months. He just released Written & Directed By Parker Lewis on Cloudberry Records, and it's one of my favorite EPs of the year. A wonderful melding of that sentimental, heart-warming, utterly sincere Swedish pop aesthetic and this old-fashioned folksy rock style. It's like Jens Lekman mixed with the eccentricity of Wayne Coyne or Peter Bjorn & John song recorded by the Beach Boys circa 1966.

Absolutely wonderful, absolutely a joy, absolutely what will keep you warm as we drift into fall and only want everything to come to life again.

Parker Lewis - Dirty Dancing

Parker Lewis - X-Mas Carol, NYC