Nancy Elizabeth

I'm on a bit of a Manchester streak here. First the Control review, now Manchester-based Nancy Elizabeth (although she's half Ian Curtis' age were he alive today).

Nancy Elizabeth (MySpace) is another, absolutely refreshing member of the British folk movement. She "mixes folk with post-rock influences to make her enchanting and dynamic music." I agree with the folk part, I agree with the enchanting part (I'm listening right now and can't seem to type at a speed greater than one word/minute), and I see the dynamic part, but post-rock? Maybe not so much. Ms. Elizabeth's sound is utterly serene and peaceful with an underlying organic and imperfect vibe. This'll make me sound like a hippy or something, but listening to this music sounds like the moonlight shimmering on a calm dark sea: there's something tumultuous under it, an ebb and tide, that occasionally pokes itself out of the "sea" that is her body of music, but for the most part, this stuff is incredibly delicate and harmonious.

She released her debut LP, Battle and Victory, on October 1 via The Leaf Label. From what I understand and from what I've heard, it's a very solid opener.

Nancy Elizabeth - Hey Son

Nancy Elizabeth - I Used to Try


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Wow, this is great, really nice. I done a post about Manchester bands here:

Dunno how i managed to miss her, she bloody great !!!
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