Wolf Eyes has always been a tough band for me to digest musically. They're real dense, huh? Really, really gritty; really, really scratchy and irritating ... if I'm not on the verge of a mental breakdown by the final "note" of one of their songs, I'm lucky. That being said, though, I do like 'em ... they're pretty fascinating and certain a wonder to behold live.

If you need something a little "fluffier" or more "accessible" than Wolf Eyes, though, I suggest listening to Demons, a Wolf Eyes side project.
Demons explore near-epileptic fits of droning analog synth textures that elicit comfortable remembrances of electronic-obsessed forefathers like Stockhausen and Cluster whilst simultaneously bludgeoning forward with the grating and scraping atonal complexities of Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle.
Pretty damn impressive, eh? Grab a couple tracks below and check out the rad video clip from a live show the duo did at the Panic In Hamtramck ...
And grab the latest LP, Evocation from No Fun Productions.

Demons - Track 1


Unknown said…
Hey, thanks for the cool review. Demons is three people, music by Nate Young and Steve Kenney and video by Alivia Zivich.
There's a few full-length cd and dvd releases available.

Check out more vids and sounds at these links:

West coast tour starts 11/07/07, dates on the Demons myspace.