Kitsune/Boombox Mini-Mix

The legendary London club, Boombox (where you need to assume you're the best looking, most interesting and famous, and most important person at the venue to get in), recently curated a mix for the club. What an idea. Cement Kitsune's ultimate coolness even more with a boss mix for one of the biggest clubs around.

Boombox is, in many ways, the 21st century's version of Studio 54. I'd say the accompanying mix that Kitsune has put together is the 21st century's version of something they'd be rockin' out to in the 80s.

Anyway, below is a shortened, clip, sort of teaser mini-mix that excites just as much as the real thing, but all within five minutes. Didn't the Japanese "invent" the idea of the mini-mix teaser? I feel like that was totally them. Regardless, I like how it's accepted here now. For those of you in France, I believe you can get the thing at Collette (they debuted it for Paris Fashion Week).

Kitsune/Boombox Mini-Mix

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Anonymous said…
That mini mix was missing the best track on the CD... Big Face - My Eyeball!