Ravens & Chimes

Today was a pretty unlucky day. But hey, these things happen, and it's certainly not the end of the world.
Regardless, though, I can't help but listen to something a little more lo-fi, a little more introspective, maybe a little slower. Now's not the time for Justice or !!! or anything of that nature.

So fancy finding Ravens & Chimes (MySpace) in my inbox! The New York-based quintet sounds like a more confident Bright Eyes or maybe a folksier version of Wolf Parade (minus their anthemic song structure leanings). They're pretty darn cool and they're hitting the spot right about now.

The full-length, Reichenbach Falls, is due out on Better Looking Records on October 9. Get it.

Ravens & Chimes - January

Ravens & Chimes - General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone

Ravens & Chimes - So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen Cover)