Your 33 Black Angels

A band after my own heart, I swear (I wish) ...
Brooklyn's Your 33 Black Angels was "dreamed in a West Harlem flophouse. There was a bottle of Wild Turkey, grown men in boxers, and far too much bachata music going around." I like it.

But really, these three New Yorkers sound like the Unicorns got grittier and more garage-y. They're old fashion, utilizing thumpin', simple bass lines, rough vocals, fun little synth ditties, and playful yet solid and confident drumming over production glitz, pitch-perfect harmonies, and choppy, cut-to-the-chase hooks.

I like them very much. My Y33BA "informant" said he hopes that the band doesn't get too big, and I agree: these three are too precious and warm. I don't think the limelight would suit them ...

Your 33 Black Angels - Sue

Your 33 Black Angels - Me & My Girl

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your 33 Black Angels will be taking their live showcase to the southern and western United States in support of their debut album, “Lonely Street.” The tour will make stops in various cities including New Orleans, LA, Flagstaff, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, Los Angeles, CA, Riverside, CA, Portland, OR and Austin, TX.

The band will be performing in Austin, TX on March 13th during the South by Southwest music festival.

The band booked its tour without the help of any booking agents or promo people. Quite self-sufficient, I'd say.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your 33 Black Angels are getting geared up for their second tour of the year, in support of "Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life," the band's sophomore full-length effort. Dates can be seen at www.y33ba.com and www.myspace.com/your33blackangels.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happened to these guys?


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