Doraemon and the Empty Land

doraemon house
Ah - Doraemon, that cat-like space creature that has been popular in Japan for several decade ...
In honor of Doraemon (and the Empty Land, whatever that is ... ), there is currently an interactive show in Koganei Park in Tokyo. It looks very plesant and fun, even though I am unfamiliar with the Empty Land ...

I have come to respect Doraemon as a major pop culture icon of Japan. At first, I found his visage to be annoying as it was just about everywhere in Japan. But over time, I have come to realize how Doraemon really was a great character, even though I do not know much about his story. Maybe he is like the Mikey Mouse of Japan ...
So, I would like to go to Koganei Park and see the show! I think that Koganei Park is where a Japanese architecture museum is, but I am not quite certain if that is true.
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