Excepter and Man Man

Although the new bands Man Man and Excepter are not really all that similar, I decided to group them together because (a) Pitchforkmedia recently wrote about them both, (b) they are both quite strange, but in different ways, and (c) they have cool album art.
Firstly, just the names of the bands really make a statement with me. I do not know what either name means, but they both sound bold and interesting.
Excepter is so friggin' strange! I have not idea what to say about them. I can't judge their stuff! Most of the album sounds like some guys messing around in a studio previously used by reggae dub artists. It has a lot of reverb, a lot of echoes, but is't also real minimalist, so there are rarely any overwhelming parts to their compositions.

I guess they're pretty good. You just have to like that kind of thing. The songs on the album are really bloody long, and I just do not have the patience to wait 8 minutes for some song to develop. Especially when the material is so esoteric.
Man Man is more palatable for me. I have only heard one song by them - Moustache - but I like it. It's also weird, but not like Excepter. And it doesn't require so much time. People keep saying that Man Man sounds like Tom Waits, and I guess they do a bit, but I am not really accepting that to be 100% true yet, so don't listen to those people.
The song is really cool. It's very layered, and really heavy footed. Parts of it sound totally demonic. Like the parts where these little kids kind of sing. It's so creepy! But definately worth a listen.

man man