mr ttt
I did not really know too much about Friendswithyou until I bought the CD Sonido Uzumaki, which was kind of like a soundtrack for some show held in Tokyo which featured work by Friendswithyou. I think.
Regardless, Friendswithyou has an art show in LA right now. At the Merry Karnowsky Gallery which looks pretty cool. It runs until January 31.

There is something very exotic about the Friendwithyou art. Some of the stuff looks like kids toys, while some of it just looks plain weird. I also like how the website incorporates a whole lot of flash animation in it. And Friendswithyou makes some pretty impressive flash animation! There is an almost retro feel about some of their animations. I am very impressed with the art, but I will unfortunately not be able to attend the art show as I live in Cleveland ...