Vinyl Figurines

monsterism 3
I think that the Michael Lau, Eric So, and all the various Hong Kong knock off viynl figrine creators are out.
Now, the cooler (and cheaper) vinyl figurines are in. I have been looking at a lot of the new vinyl creators' figurines, and now I bring all my readers a small compilation of what I think the new vinyl figurine trend will consist of.
I foresee several artists becoming even more popular than they are now because of the new figurine lines that they have introduced. monsterism 3First off, I am very impressed with Pete Fowler's new Monsterism series. He seems to have evolved quite a lot from the first two sets he produced. Althgouh it is not a huge leap forward, he still impresses me.
I also am guessing that the new Groovisions Brockmann series is going to be a success. Groovisions has been using their Chappie/Brockmann characters as a basis for a lot of the things they produce for several years now. But I like how they always improve upon their old ideas and come up with something new. The new Brockmann line is all based off of animals it looks like.

The relatively new artists that I see becoming more popular are Dehra and Noupa (one half of the Uglydolls team). I wrote about Dehra a little while ago, but Noupa is new to me. I knew that it was inevitable, though, that the Uglydolls would move to vinyl. I just did not know that they would not be called Uglydolls, but Noupa instead.
On a lesser (but related) note, I also have seen an explosion in the popularity of plushes (i.e. Uglydolls), and I see that industry growing a lot also.