ifoot, iunit, and iwalk

This is weird. Really weird, actually.
Toyota has this show that is being performed by The Toyota Group and here is the website that says what exactly is going on at Toyota.

The richly entertaining show, based on the theme “The Dream, Joy and Inspiration of Mobility in the 21st Century,” will introduce the concepts of “Mobility in Harmony with the Earth” and “Achieving the Dream and Joy of Worldwide Movement ” in its presentation of possibilities for a bright and fulfilling future.

Based on these themes, performance content will feature Toyota’s efforts toward achieving “optimal mobility,” “harmony with society” and “meeting the needs of individuals,” and the future technologies and vehicle possibilities that form part of the company’s vision for the society of tomorrow.


Yes - it appears that the hippy side in Toyota is finally showing ... and after all these years!
Even if the thing does look too conceptual and wacky for some, I think the bots that they are using are very cool indeed. Plus - it's produced by some Canadian guy, I think, so I guess it isn't all Toyota's doing here ...

iunit and ifoot