Evah Fan

evah fan
There is this young (and upcoming) artist named Evah Fan that is really excellent. She not only seems to be really talented (Pratt Institute grad), but she is also really cool. Anyone whose interests include

Tumbleweeds, chimney sweepers, socks on trees, Braces, Freckles, Accidental Art, Eskimos, Iceland, Finland, John Cage, Dada, Doodling, Jellyfish, Sting Ray, Cactus, David Lynch, Royal Art Lodge, art by: Neo Raunch, David Shrigley, Neil Farber, Marcel Dzama, Marcel Duchamp, Taylor McKimens, found goods, urban culture, music, books, papa's fritas, mad-libs, me kitty Jalapeño and mr.bean too.

just has to be interesting.
I never really heard about her until I read the newest issue of Giant Robot (and she, unfortunately, wasn't really a feature in the magazine, she was just part of GR's usually page o' lists).

evah fan
She has had tons of shows, and I am pretty sure that she was in a GR2 show.
As for her art. I am very impressed by it. On her website, Ms. Fan has divided her work into "Design" and "Illustration." Her design work mostly consists of uber=hip checks designs and various cutesy prints. I like her design work a lot, but I think the illustration is her forte. I can't really tell by the photos and scans as to what materials she uses for her pictures, but they all appear to be done with pen and maybe paints. Evah uses a very crisp and clear bold line, which I always like. Her colors are also bold, but they usually have a very earthly tone to them (kind of reminds me of the Tintin comic colors). I think she draws a little from Asian art, but it seems pretty original overall. Also, she appears to be almost preoccupied with things like people vomiting. But I still greatly enjoy it. There is something almost child-like about her work, but it is so much more elaborate than any child's work that I feel really bad calling it such.
Lastly, I am not quite sure what the little rectangular boxes are that are on some of her paintings. It looks like they could be a door or something that the viewer opens up and then they get a little surprise! If that isn't correct, it still sounds like a really cool idea!