Jeff Scher - Animated Portrait

susan shin
This artist, Jeff Scher, made a really cool thing that people are calling the "animated portrait." Jeff Scher, a film maker, made a film portrait of his friend, Susan Shin. The film is a 2 minute loop of the cartoon-ish portrait of Ms. Shin. Apparently, you can commission him to do an animated portrait for you for $25000!

Jeff says he got inspiration from Andy Warhol's film portraits, but (although I do not really understand the art lingo that he Mr. Scher used) he applied a different technique to create his portrait. The film is 120 portraits long, and can be viewed here
(I like the soundtrack).

Scher remembers that Warhol “shot them at 24 frames, projected at 18 frames and told people not to move so any motion became incidental.” Scher, on the other hand, shoots his subjects in 16mm and then rotoscopes the film the old-fashioned way, projecting and drawing it onto paper. The paper then becomes the outline of his paintings, which he rephotographs and animates.