Hot Hot Hear - Elevator

hot hot heat in the studio
Although Hot Hot Heat is now only a trio (one of the guitarists quit a couple months ago), they are readying a new album, called Elevator for release in early April (from Warner Brothers).
Hot Hot Heat gained acclaim as Canada's hottest new band a couple year ago with the release of Make Up The Breakdown, and now they are back in business after a short and uneventful hiatus.

I must admit that I was not too impressed with HHH's debut album, but they are pretty good, and they have a fairly distinctive sound, although this can be greatly credited to the singer's strange vocals ...
The unofficial tracklist for Elevator is as follows:

Running Out of Time
Island of the Honest Man
Dirty Mouth
You Owe Me an IOU
No Jokes - Fact
Goodnight, Goodnight
Middle of Nowhere
Pickin' It Up
Ladies and Gentlemen
Shame on You
Soldier in a Box
Jingle Jangle