The Owls

our hopes and dreams
I just picked up this new EP/mini LP by The Owls called Our Hopes and Dreams. It only clocks in at about 25 minutes, but the bands gives those 25 minutes their all.
When I listened to the first track, I though "hey - that sounds kind of like the Beatles, but instead of man's voice, it is a woman's." After that, I started to think that aren't really like the Beatles. They do have a similar kind of song structure, I guess. Sometimes they use a call and response kind of thing, they have similar guitar melodies, and the bass line is a pretty powerful one. But they do not really have the blues background that the Beatles did, so in that regard they are not really that similar.

I really like the lead vocalist's voice. Her name is Maria May which is just such a cool name that you have to love her. Her songs kind of revolve around the mundane and daily activities. Nothing really special there. But there is something very enchanting about the arrangements of the songs and the guitar work especially. When I hear her voice, I kind of think "she sounds a little like the woman who died who was in Stereolab." And I actually do still kind of agree with that. Also, I like how they use piano a lot and reverb. The album sounds so wonderfully underproduced that I absolutely love listening to it.
So please go and buy it at a record store of a high enough caliber to carry the EP/mini LP in the first place.