The Fall

British eccentric, Mark E. Smith, has done it again.
Yes - he has relased a CD, but it seems to not be up to his normal standards ...
It is called Interim and is apprently just a bunch of live tracks, outtakes, and rehearsals from things he has been involved in lately. I think the name is fitting since this CD is unfortunately more of a holding period for the Fall than anything else.


The CD, although it has good tracks, they are all pretty poorly recorded, produced, etc.
the sound is terrible, with volume fluctuations and a disengaged vocal from MES sinks it further. "All Clasp Hands" sounds recorded by an audience member, and the crowd noise is irritating, though not quite as irritating as the odd and nearly constant clapping that sabotages "What About Us?" Why does the promising "I'm Ronney the Oney" cut off suddenly after a minute and a half?

If Pitchfork wasn't very pleased with it (and the reviewer is a big Fall fan), I do not know how much I would like this CD either.