Zachary Scott

zachary taylor
In this week's NYT Magazine, an incredibly talented photographer named Zachary Scott did several photos for various articles. I totally fell for his work. The photos all seem to be photomontages and are all quite creative. My favorite picture (I couldn't find a copy of it on the internet) was of a woman walking down the street with a small tidal wave coming up by her side.
It's really excellent stuff!

One of the first things that I am attracted to in photography especially is color. I love pieces that have a wide range of more muted colors, but I also really enjoy pictures that have color patterns in them or some sort of color theme. I absolutely love the color in Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, for example, but I find the Tintin coloring to be spectacular, also.
And I think Zachary Scott has a good sense of color.
zachary scottzachary scott
*PS - This week's NYT Magazine not only had good picture, but good articles too!*