Taiko Drum Master

The addictive game, dubbed Taiko Drum Master in the US, is finally going to be released here. I played that game too much while I was in Tokyo, but it is addictive, I must say. It kind of reminded me of Samba de Amigo, except I like Taiko more.


I was really surprised to see all the weird video games in Tokyo. I knew that they had weird ones already (like Samba de Amigo and the Tour Bus Driver game), but I never knew that musically themed games had become so prominent. The also had a video game in Shibuya in which you would play that traditional Japanese stringed instrument and the ever popular guitar rock star game.
Not only did they have weird musical games, they had weird everything games. There was a firefighting game (with a hose and everything) and a slapstick comdian game (you had to smack your stuffed slapstick partner at the right times in order to get the crowd to cheer more). Another game that really helps release any stress was the boxing game I played. You had to put on these boxing gloves and then punch a punching bag as hard as you could. If you could reach a set limit (say 150 kg of force) in 3 rounds, you would continue on to the next stage. Very addictive, but I was fortunately able to withdraw myself from it before I completely emptied my pockets.
Lastly, I was surprised to see the number of RPG and horse race simulator games. These varities of games were usually isolated on another floor so the kids were never around all the salarymen and their fake horses, but I was still surprised to see how popular the things appeared to be.
I like to look at the pictures of arcade games at this website. And here is a picture of the horse racing game!