Take It Easy: Love Nothing

take it easy
The ambitious Conor Oberst is coming out with 2 brand new albums in January. Or that's what everyone is saying ...
I just picked up his pre-album single, Take It Easy: Love Nothing at Borders, and have since listened to the 3 tracks at least 4 times. First off, the picture I have posted does the single no justice. In real life, the CD is in a red jewel case so it looks real slick.
Aside from the case being incredibly cool, the teaser songs here are also very good. I am looking forward to the album (this single is for the upcoming Digital Ash in a Digitcal Urn record).

The single starts out with an elegant guitar riff with an 8-bit sounding synthesizer chiming in within a couple of seconds. Then Mr. Oberst's warbley voices comes on and he does his usual narative/song kind of deal. I like the lyrics, though. I think my favorite song is the second track,Burn Rubber, however. It has a very organic, traditional, and soulful beat. There are some pretty apparent roots music influences in this song, also. And towards the end, Conor does this weird synchronization of the beat and banjo that sounds really awesome.

Get behind the wheel, stay in front of the storm
The clouds dream disorder, they make faces, they make mud
On some ancient order which is no longer enforced
The sugar bowl is full of ants
Your sister is a dumpy mess
And you're cutting off your head to spite your shoulders
Get behind the wheel, stay in front of the storm
Just get behind the wheel, stay in front of the storm

... too bad it isn't written by him ...