Akira Kurosawa Drawings

death of yamagata
Not only was Akira Kurosawa one of the greatest Japanese directors of all time, but he also was an excellent artist! Thanks to TAB, I found out that Kurosawa's drawings are being shown at the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills! They look very interesting. I never knew that Kurosawa was such a painter!

[Kurosawa]was also a gifted artist, so much so that his paintings were admitted to the prestigious Nika Exhibition at the age of 18. He went on to execute
impressive storyboards, which became a part of the process to realize his
imagination onscreen. At Horipro, we have been commissioned from Kurosawa
Productions to manage copyrights and undertake restoration for all of over
2000 works of art produced for films “Kagemusha” and onwards.

The exhibit itself sounds interesting also. It consists of several videos about Kurosawa and his art and 26 storyboards. But the coolest thing about the storyboards is that they have been blown up to film screen size!
I would enjoy going back to the Mori Museum, but unfortunately, I cannot ...