Unicorns MP3s

the unicorns
It's official: the Unicorns will be releasing a new record early next year. As a teaser for the new album, I am linking to some MP3s that are supposed to be on the next (currently un-named) album. I like these songs a lot, even though they are rough!

Peach Moon
Gut Stains
Are We Expandin

The Unicorns are always incredibly good. Even when they are just doing some home demos: they don't ever hold back. Which is fantastic. I think all the members of the Unicorns are actually quite talented, but they purposely make their stuff sound unrefined. I wish these songs lasted longer, but I suppose that that's the purpose of a teaser song ...
**note - I changed my mind ... I don't think these songs are going to be on the next album**