Pitchfork's Best Reissues of 2004

crooked rain, crooked rain
Love 'em or hate 'em, Pitchforkmedia is as ambitious as it is consistent (in reviewing material, not the actual grading of it). Their newest project is compiling the best 50 (a) reissues (today), (b) singles (Tuesday), (c) albums (Wednesday) of the year! I am really excited to see what they think the best albums of the year were. I really enjoyed the book that Pitchfork published last year, which was similarly themed in content ...

The 50 best reissues is pretty fair, and I like how they did not really put the list in any organized order (i.e. "best to worst"). The list has the likes of the Talking Heads, Swell Maps, the Fall, the Kinks, and DNA on it, so I am very pleased with it, indeed!
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