Solar-Powered Wallpaper

solar powered wallpaper
Okay - so it isn't really solar powered, but what else should one call this weird new invention?
Basically, Solar Powered Wallpaper has light sensors built into it that responds to light. So, when it is light in the room, the wallpaper acts as a "design element," which I guess means that you can see flowers or something on the paper. When the room needs more light, the wallpaper turns a flat color (probably white), which gives the person in the room the impression of it being lighter.

Pretty cool, huh? I know it isn't really that useful, but I am sure that it would be fun to have something that reacts and changes to the enviroment around you! I think the famous Dutch Droog Design had something to do with the creation of the paper ...
Also, Droog just turned 10!