The Night Views of Seto

Japanese photographers are my newest fanscination. I really love a lof of their works. Naoya Hatakeyama is one of my favorites. There is something very bold about his work, but also something so distant and removed. The photos always have a very poignant feel to me, even when the subject matter is something as obscure as a baseball stadium filled with model houses.
(*unless I am mistaken, this is a real event in Japan ... model houses are displayed in stadiums by realestate agencies ... )
I have been going to M. Murakami's website for several weeks now, but I never really realized how good this guy is until recently.
I am very impressed by Murakami's dedication to photography. He has traveled Japan, taking pictures of night scenes of cities. But that's not all. The pictures are not normal pictures ... they are 360 degrees (usually), so you can see the whole scene.

model houses by naoya

I am totally taken with these night scenes. They make every city look beautiful and like a fun place to go to, even though I am sure that not every city is as interesting as it appears.
I really enjoy Seto Bridge.
I would like to see more of Murakami's work, but I am not sure of his name's spelling in Japanese, so I cannot successfully look him up on Google.