Emily Haines Goes Solo

emily haines
In my opinion, Metric is the best new-wave revival band. I saw them once in Cleveland (playing to an audience of maybe thirty), and ever since then I have listened to their CD at least once a month. For me, doing something like regularlly listening to one CD is rare, so I always assume that I am giving Metric the highest praise possible through this action.
Anyway, Emily Haines (yes - she is the daughter of the recently deceased Paul Haines, one of Canada's greater poets), the lead singer of Metric has began a small solor career. She still will be doing concerts with Metric and everything, but she will also soon be releasing a solor album!

I found out about this in Toronto from the local alternative press newspaper. I would have loved to have seen one of the two concerts that Ms. Haines and (surprisingly) Guy Maddin played at the Church of the Redeemer (!), but I was too late! I can only hope that Metric decides to return to Cleveland in the near future, and catch that show ...