Guided By Voices's Bee Thousand

bee thousand director's cut
At first, I thought that releasing the "Director's Cut" of Guided by Voices's extraordinary album, Bee Thousand was a crummy attempt at prolonging the life of the recently disbanded group. But I was proven wrong (which happens much too often now ... ).
Before I go into details, I must write a disclaimer. I am not a GBV fan, really. I never heard anything by them except for the original Bee Thousand and some EPs.
Regardless of my past knowledge of the band, I must admit that this new cut of Bee Thousand is really good. I bought the original version of the record years ago. I think a friend recommended it or I read about it somewhere. And I liked it. I thought it was well done. Perhaps the best thing about the album was its relaxed feel. It wasn't quite like Pavement or anything, but GBV does certainly have a similar feel to it. Like the guitars always feel a little out of tune or like the players just woke up or a string is about to break. And I have always loved that feel. Like the band doesn't really care as much about the production quality as they do the overall quality (i.e. the songwriting, the lyrics, the melodies, etc.)

I don't really know what is so great about the new "director's cut." It has some extra tracks from EPs and that kind of thing, but it is pretty much the same as the original album (released back in 1994).
Maybe one reason that I really like Mr. Robert Pollard & Co. is because they are from Dayton, Ohio - a city quite close to Cleveland!
But I'm quite sure that it is mostly because of the first couple of points I made about them.
Some other reasons I like Bee Thousand:
(a)It's kind of a mix of rock and 60s sounding pop and British invasion music ... all that cool stuff ... it's one big mix of influences and ideas that the guys had.
(b)It's short
(c)Yet is it still filled with hook upon hook and always pulls the listener in!
The "director's cut" is only on vinyl, so I have not heard it.