Jimbo in Purgatory

jimbo in purgatory
Gary Panter just released a new comic featuring Jimbo called Jimbo in Purgatory. It looks excellent. Gary Panter always impresses me because, although he comes out with a new comic every year or two, his comics always have a different theme to them. His first comics were centered upon weird, sketchy creatures in a bizzare punk-themed world. I do not know if it was on purpose on not, but with each consecutive issue of Jimbo, Panter improved his drawing technique little by little.

And now he has come out with his greatest work to date. Jimbo in Purgatory looks like Panter spent countless months slaving away at this comic. There are tons of details, the book is quite large, and the cover is also very impressive.
Apprently it is based off of Dante's Pergitorio (the little brother of Dante's Inferno?)
I do not really know how he applied something by Dante to a comic, but it sounds very intriguing, so I hope to read the graphic novel soon.

In this spectacular graphic novel, Panter has transformed his protean punk hero Jimbo into the protagonist of a reinterpretation of Dante’s Purgatorio. After years of comparing Dante and Boccaccio to find commonalities between the two, Panter developed a narrative of his own that includes literary and pop references regularly injected throughout the captions of the reinterpreted cantos. In Panter’s adaptation, Jimbo traverses a vast infotainment-testing center built in the shape of Dante’s Mount Purgatory. Within its borders every man or robot stands in for a character in the Divine Comedy. In this version all the participants in the drama must respond to one another within a lunatic logic wherein each quotes a literary fragment that demonstrates their respective knowledge of a particular passage and its import to the specific location in a poem.