Cafe Escalator

cafe esc
Escalator records is still, mostly by default, the coolest independent record label in Tokyo. First off, I do not know much about Japanese music, and, just by brushing the surface of it, I have discovered that Escalator Records at least used to be the best label - of it sort - because it did not have Yakuza ties and it had good music. I think that recently this trend has been changing, and I have gotten a little tired of how their output is pretty repetitive (hence a reason I don't listen to much Japanese music anymore).
Anyway, to further their image, Escalator has created Cafe Escalator, a normal looking cafe with strange dishes. I don't really know what to this of this latest Escalator production, and since I have not been there, I will not judge it, but I would love to hear about it.

The great unexplained question (in my mind) is: "why are there so many cafes in Tokyo now!?"
I do not think there is an completely accurate or correct answer to this question but, again, I would love to hear a hypothesis.