Fan Modine

What is one to think of Pitchforkmedia?
The hyper critical online alt rock review magazine is so hard for me to judge. Are they God? Are they the Devil? Sometimes I just hate them and their incredibly mean reviews! But then again, I refer to their website everyday for new music and music news. It is certainly the worst case of a love/hate situation I have ever been in!
Today, they reviewed a new band called Fan Modine which I almost immediately was interested in ...

Fan Modine mastermind Gordon Zacharias draws from the elegance of early Magnetic Fields and the groove-based intimacy of The Folk Implosion more than, say, Beat Happening, the original exception to the Scotophiliac rule. But where 69 Love Songs often focused on love's ironies ("Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin"), Homeland is an unabashed paean to its peaks.

fan modine

I do agree with the connection made to Magnetic Fields. In fact, the arrangement of Pageantry (the MP3 from their website) sounds like it was taken right out of Merritt's songbook. Except not as good. There is something more than Merritt in these songs. On Pageantry, for example, I hear some things that sound almost Orange Juice-esque. I guess it is all the guitar in the song, which is something that Merritt has never really used.
Certainly a good band, so check them out!