The Kid America Adventure Hour

kid america
I have never heard of a public acess show being released on DVD, but apparently the NYC public acess show, Kid America Adventure Hour will be out on DVD ... sometime soon (?)
I have been waiting for this DVD (as I cannot see the show because it doesn't play outside of NYC, I think) for about 6 months. The website always just says that a DVD will be out soon and anyone who wants can sign up and receive a notification with an official release date.
Well - I must say that I am disappointed, but I suppose I will be able to bear the wait.

I have only heard good things about Kid America (which is, for some reason, remotely popular in Japan, and the Japanese have produced a set of KAAH vinyl figurines), so I really want to see it.
If anyone knows where I can get a torrent of an episode or anything else about the show, please tell me!