Tokyo Fragments

tokyo fragments
Giles Murray, apparently a famous and talented translator of Japanese literature, has recently translated a book that looks absolutely fantastic. It is called Tokyo Frangments and it is a collection of 5 short stories written by several renowned Japanese writers. All the stories are loosely based around Tokyo. I am not really quite sure how to actually purchase the book, but I am going to look into it more. If anyone knows how I could get my hands on this tome, I would love to have your help.

The book introduces English readers to a new breed of innovative Japanese writers: Ryuji Morita, Tomomo Muramatsu, Mariko Hayashi, Makoto Shiina and Chiya Fujino.

And this story sounds interesting:

the last story, "The Housewife and the Police Box," takes place in [a] nondescript suburb of Tokyo.

I cannot wait to read it ...