Suicide Reissues

The pop-synth/pop-blues duo from NYC, Suicide, is going to reissue their first 4 LPs (no reissue for American Supreme, as it was released in 2002)! Suicide was a great band, and there is no doubt (in my mind) that without them, bands such as Soft Cell, Erasure, Bronski Beat, and countless other synth-pop groups would never have existed. Suicide's unique method of approaching music (Vega's haunting voice over Rev's spooky keyboards) seemed quite ahead of its time when they first started performing the early 70s, I am sure.
Perhaps 1992 (?) was too late a time for them to break up because, as with too many great bands, the quality of output declines in their later years. And such was Suicide's fate.

However, I do believe that these reissues will help show the public how important Suicide's role was in modern music and synth-pop.
In addition to the reissues, Suicide will also be touring (this isn't that spectacular, as they made a new album in 2002 and had a tour).