This Kyoto native, Takora is one more excellent Japanese artist that has been added to my favorites list. Although his big show was made last year, I just discovered him today.
But I think his style is so fantastic. It reminds me a little bit of Tim Biskup and a little bit of Charles Schultz. A very strange mix indeed.
All of his pieces are incredibly vibrant and lively. I especially like how some of them are very cluttered with ideas while others are very focused on one idea. Also, his sense of color is very interesting. He seems to really like bold colors, but with a very 70s or 80s theme. Everything he does has either a forest green, neon blue, or dark yellow in it, and all of the colors remind me of 70s and 80s childrens' toys and books.
Maybe my response is unique, but at least it's a positive one ...