Akitoshi Akamatsu

I am still not 100% sure what TAB is. I subscribe to the RSS feeds, I go to the TAB beta website a lot, and I enjoy reading about everything they post, but I am still not positive I understand what TAB is. I think it notifies people of art shows and events that are going on in Tokyo.
So - today I saw a new artist listed. She unfortunately has no website or contact information, and all I was able to find was this one picture. But I like her work very much.

The one small picture I have seen by her is quite impressive. It reminds me a little of Ai Yamaguchi and a little of some more recent Nara works. She has a very delicate style that incorporates a very subtle boldness. Very attractive.
All I was able to gather is that the show is in Ginza somewhere and it is only open for several days. Unfortunate, definately, but maybe I will be able to see some of her work next year ...