LCD Soundsystem

lcd soundsystem
Compilation #2, released by the DFA was great. It was pure, concentrated DFA related music. Some of it was by DFA members while some of it was by musicians related to the DFA (i.e. The Rapture were produced by the DFA).
But who are the DFA? Well, it's a production team based in NYC that really started up a couple years ago. Since then, they have been producing artists and becoming more and more popular and mainstream. They produced dance-punk groups like The Rapture along with rap groups like Automato, so their range is obviously quite wide.
Although some people do not really like the DFA for making everyone sound pretty similar, I think the sound that they create is fun and energetic, so I don't see any problem with what they've been doing.
The most prominent member of the DFA (in my opinion) is James Murphy (AKA LCD Soundsystem). Tim Goldsworthy obviously should not be forgotten, but he doesn't have his own "band." (However, Tim did used to work with UNKLE).
Anyway, I am really excited because, according to Pitchforkmedia, LCD Soundsystem will have a full length LP out in early 2005!

LCD Soundsystem came out with Losing My Edge in 2002 which really struck everyone by surprise. It was just a 12" single, but an absolutely addictive song and was widely adored. I think that that 12" accelerated the popularity of the DFA, and since it was primarily Murphy's work, I credit their new found fame to him.
So - looking forward to the album ... should be good!
For my favorite released LCD Soundsystem track, go here.